Simon Stevenson

Simon Stevenson - Founder

With nearly 20 years of experience in Business Development, Origination, Search & Recruitment and Management, Simon has founded three search firms with Finance.Work being his most recent project. He started working with well-established regional recruiter, Clara both offering invaluable knowledge on the current finance market in 2018.

Clara Manning

Clara Manning - Director

Clara has 12 years commercial experience including management roles at two national recruiters and a role in corporate sales for a leading financial services company.

She joined forces with Simon in 2018. She specialises in senior finance and public practices roles.

Katie Mellor

Katie Mellor - Senior Consultant

Katie graduated with a Psychology Degree from Leeds and went on to work in both boutique and National recruitment firms. With experience of managing a busy temporary desk as well as recruiting for permanent positions, she is a versatile recruiter. She joined in 2018 and has made an immediate impact.